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Don't Want to Let Go - Annie DiNardoCrawling Castle - Iain BroughJust for Kicks - James WeeteWalking to the Future - Nicole KelleySquak of Death - Kayla HillKiller Creature - Kyla Hill

Don't Want to Let Go - Annie DiNardo

Crawling Castle - Iain Brough

Just for Kicks - James Weete

Walking to the Future - Nicole Kelley

Squak of Death - Kayla Hill

Killer Creature - Kyla Hill

tem-pest \ tem-pest \ n 1 : a violent (literary) storm  2 : uproar  3 : a literary magazine by and for the students of Dover Middle School.


Thank you for visiting Tempest Online. We are excited for the opportunity to bring our annual printed B&W publication to the web in full color, with categories, dynamic tags, and a forum for conversation and discussion.

The mission of Tempest Online is to recognize the talents of DMS writers and artists, to demonstrate the benefits of writing, to provide the nourishment that literature offers, and to provide creative literature for the enjoyment of the community.

Please visit us frequently and enjoy the wonderful creations of our students.

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